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The success of an organization depends in large part on the people who work there. Our team works to strengthen the people and culture that make our clients unique by providing creative, trustworthy and cost-effective employment law and human resources guidance to employers. Delaney Vero, PLLC works closely with employers to address a wide range of human resources issues, including:


Employment Law & Human Resources Advice & Counseling

Delaney Vero, PLLC guides employers with practical and legally sound advice and counseling through all aspects of the employment relationship, including:

Wage and Hour Law Compliance

The failure to comply with federal and state wage and hour laws is a significant source of liability for employers, especially now with increased efforts by the New York and U.S. Departments of Labor and Internal Revenue Service to root out worker misclassification. To minimize the risk of liability, employers need competent legal guidance on employee classifications, overtime pay, use of independent contractors and recordkeeping requirements.

Employment Contracts

Written employment contracts memorialize the terms and conditions of the employment relationship. Although generally not required, in some situations employers should ask employees to sign a contract. Delaney Vero, PLLC works with employers to develop employment contracts, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements and commission sales agreements.

Accommodations in the Workplace

Federal and state laws require employers to engage in the "interactive process" and provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities and pregnancy-related conditions, accommodate employees' religious beliefs and provide accommodations to support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Delaney Vero, PLLC guides employers through the interactive process and counsels them on providing reasonable accommodations to employees without undue hardship on business operations.

Employee Leaves of Absence

Employers are required to provide paid or unpaid leave to employees in a variety of circumstances. Delaney Vero, PLLC educates employers regarding their legal obligations to provide employee leaves of absence, and counsels employers through challenging employee leave issues.

Performance Management and Employee Discipline

The failure to consistently manage employee work performance can handicap an employer's ability to terminate an employee without facing potential liability and often leads to poor performers sticking around longer than necessary. Delaney Vero, PLLC works with employers to develop effective performance management and disciplinary policies and procedures and offers guidance for managing difficult employees.

Terminations and Reductions in Force

When it becomes necessary to end the employment relationship, whether due to poor performance, operational needs or other business reasons, Delaney Vero, PLLC walks employers though the legal requirements, identifies potential liability and works with employers to minimize any potential risk created by the employment separation.

Human Resources Audits

Delaney Vero, PLLC conducts comprehensive assessments of employers' current HR functions to determine compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to identify areas for improvement. HR audits are tailored to each employer's specific needs and budget and can include a review of and recommendations on:

  • Hiring and Orientation Practices and Procedures​

  • Worker Classifications and Pay

  • Leaves of Absence

  • Performance Management, Discipline and Evaluation Processes

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Management Policies & Procedures

  • Affirmative Action

  • Personnel Files

  • Termination Processes

  • Training and Development

  • Recordkeeping

Employee Training & Skill Development

Delaney Vero, PLLC offers employers a wide range of training programs for supervisors and non-supervisory employees, including:

  • Preventing Workplace Harassment

  • Employment Law for Managers

  • Managing Employee Leaves of Absence

  • Responding to Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

  • Coordinating Employee Leave Benefits

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations

  • Wage and Hour Law 101

  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

  • Safe Hiring Practices and Interview Skills

  • Social Media in the Workplace

Policy, Procedure Development,  & Review

Whether newly incorporated and hiring its first employees, keeping up with a rapidly expanding workforce, or meeting new compliance requirements, businesses need a foundation of sound policies, practices and procedures to manage employees and minimize risk. Delaney Vero, PLLC works with employers to develop and provide legal review of essential employment policies, procedures and related documents, including:

  • Employment Applications

  • New Hire and Orientation Documents

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Employee Notices and Required Workplace Posters

  • Employee Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Job Descriptions

  • Personnel Files

  • Organizational Charts

  • Performance Reviews

  • Termination Documents

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are a vital tool for employers to use when confronted with reports or suspicions of employee misconduct, policy breaches or violations of the law. Delaney Vero, PLLC can guide employers though workplace investigations, direct workplace investigations under attorney-client privilege, or act as an independent third party to conduct the investigation and make recommendations on an appropriate course of action based on the facts uncovered and applicable law.

Resolving Employee Complaints & Litigation

While helping employers to adopt strategies to avoid litigation, Delaney Vero, PLLC also represents employers in discrimination claims, employment litigation, and unfair labor practice proceedings before Federal and State agencies and courts.

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